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Andre Campbell

"SINGLE MOMENTS ALONG YOUR JOURNEY DON'T DEFINE YOU; IT'S THE JOURNEY AS A WHOLE THAT SPEAKS OF YOUR CHARACTER." Ever since I was little, I had a big imagination and rather idealistic personality. It was as if I caught glimpses into Plato’s world of ideal forms; everything is perfect and the good guys always win.

As a result of growing up with a physical disability, I use my imagination and my idealism as my escape. This has attracted me to the science fiction and fantasy genres. Books like Harry Potter as well as The Sword of Truth series, along with a multitude of comics - were the frequent worlds that I would visit. In addition to my need to escape, I needed to express myself which I couldn't do in the same way as my peers, friends and family.

This led me to gravitate towards story-telling and arts. As I got older, I began to see this as a viable career path. This is how I got into modeling, acting, writing and creating comics of my own.

Also, I currently work as a sensitivity trainer/inclusion workshop co-facilitator and public speaker with Extend-A-Family. EAF is a non-profit, community-centric organization, that is dedicated to helping people with both physical and developmental disabilities. I have written the first two issues of my debut sci-fi comic adventure series Starkeeper. At the time of writing I am in the midst of completing the third installment, as well as a prequel to the series (as requested by an indie comic book publisher Runciman Press).

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    Disability is not an inability

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