This entry was written on September 27th, 2010

“Riding the flow”
 I started this blog last night and never completed it. I am glad that I didn’t finish because I experienced synchronicity again this morning, which I shall come to in a moment. I want to tell the whole story from the beginning.

The tale begins last Friday, the 24th, when my parents and I went to the Mandarin and during our meal I had a flash. I saw myself having a business meeting while eating dinner in a restaurant that reminded me of the Mandarin. My colleagues’ energies felt similar to Emmanuel’s and the energy of the other members on the Our Wish team. Then the flash ended and I was back with my parents. I told my mum that I was going to have a business meeting in a restaurant like the Mandarin. Then at the end of our meal, we each had a fortune cookie. My mum was about to give me her cookie though I didn’t let her because I always know what fortune cookie I am meant to have. When I picked my fortune cookie it read, “Today is built on yesterday’s dreams”.

My fortune is so true and highly fortuitous because two things happened this morning.  A) I received an email from about how to get your resume noticed; as no one has viewed it yet. B) On Friday, I had expressed the interest in joining a committee for people with disabilities and then today, a teacher that I had, emailed an application for an accessibility advisory committee.

The morals of the story are to pay attention to the synchronicities in your life and to TRUST and follow your intuition. 

“I am myself free”
Sometimes, I think that life is a game and that I am being manipulated like a pawn on a chessboard. I haven’t written anything for a few weeks because I experienced what felt like a wild, emotional roller coaster ride. I have not been very balanced of late to put it mildly.

I recently met some more amazing people and did a variety of really cool things such as modeling in the Access 2010 fashion show. On the flipside, I also had some rather unpleasant experiences. I have invested a lot of my energy into finding a part time job. My job search hasn’t produced much in the way of results, though the key to achieving any goal is to trust yourself, be yourself and keep putting yourself out there. However, I am finding it hard to do because each time that I experience a low period, it gets harder to come back up, and away from the limiting belief systems I have. So I asked myself, why I was having these difficulties. I meditated and it occurred to me that because now that I have dealt with some of my surface issues, my deeper issues like my inferiority complex are becoming more apparent.

Sometimes life just seems like a game of chess and I am a mere piece on the board. If this is so, I’m also the mind that moves the piece, because now that I am conscious of my inferiority complex, I am starting to work it out of my system.

I have one more thing to say before I go and that is to express my heartfelt gratitude to you all. I am so grateful for all of your love and support! Also, a couple people told me how inspired they were by my work and that made my day. I feel so honoured to know that what I do is affecting people in a positive way.

“Manifestation Power”

This entry will recap the last couple weeks which were pretty crazy for me. On Monday, August 30th, my grandmother on my mother’s side died. Even though I am sad about her passing, I am glad that she is not ill anymore. She loved her family and friends in her own way very much and no one should suffer. I opened my heart and allowed love to flow out unto everyone I came into contact with. This flow of love attracted some really awesome opportunities and people to me. Carmelita found me a job opportunity in the customer service area and I made a really cool connection with a person at my oma’s funeral. She and I have similar interests and we are going to stay in touch.
There were some other less pleasant things that happened that I am not going to explain in detail. They really affected me emotionally and I am still recovering from the weeks’ events.
This entry was written on August 28th, 2010

I am on my way. Yay! I am at the Hilton hotel in Toronto and I got so many confirmations today, that I am on the right path.
1. On our way to Toronto, I told my mum that Independent Living is helping me look for a part time job and she thinks that’s a good idea. She has no problems with it!
2. A little while later, my brother Patrick starts talking about wanting to go shopping in LA and then I find out that we are staying at the Hilton. Jorge Bueno’s workshop that I have tickets to is at the Hilton hotel in Los Angeles.
3. As we were waiting in line to check into the hotel, a woman with a bright white aura came up to me. She kissed my hand and told me that Jesus loves me. She massaged my forehead which stimulated my third eye. I now have feelings of clarity, peace and a strong knowing that help will always come when I ask for it.