I have come to the point in my life where I have to decide on the direction that I am going to take. Do I continue to wait for something concrete to manifest itself into my reality and ease my fears, or do I continue to actively seek out my dreams? It's a matter of balance; of weighing out the pros and cons of each situation. I have found something that goes beyond my fears. One of my friends is really struggling right now and it is my strong desire to help him out that's what is traversing my fears and limiting beliefs.
I realized that I had a strong victim mentality. I thought that life really enjoyed picking on me. I felt like I didn't have the power to counteract my misery. I felt trapped and sometimes the only way to get out away from that mindset is find something that we can focus on outside of ourselves.

This is just a quick update on what's going on in my life right now. I sometimes feel like my life is an uphill battle and this is one of those times. My social life is currently very distressing though I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the dear hearts who continue to stand by me. Many thanks to you! With all your loving support, I am granted the strength and ease to pursue my dreams until they become reality.

I still have some limiting beliefs that I am going to work through and then my every dream will be able to come true.

You might have noticed that I haven't written anything new on here for awhile. This is because I have been more than a little stressed about the apparent lack of success that I am experiencing in my life right now. I am 21 years old and I am trying to manifest success in my professional and personal lives. It's very frustrating for me that I am still stuck at home and I don't know how to positively affect the results. However, I do know how to do this though I often subconsciously pass it off as irrational. Though really, how rational is continuing to do things that honestly do not make you happy?

You are at your fullest potential when you are in the flow and doing the things that you love. A good friend of mine once talked about the emotional guidance system that each one of us has. This system is basically our intuition or our heart's voice advising us along the paths we walk through life. So may we remember that next time our hearts whisper to us, listen to it because our hearts will never lead us in the wrong direction. 

Today's post is inspired by this week's episode of Glee - "Never Been Kissed". The episode touched upon how alone people can feel and it also demonstrated the value of friendship. Sometimes, the importance of genuine connections are overlooked quite frequently which can lead to a variety of unfavorable situations. For example, I felt really alone in high school after I changed schools and my best friend died. my social life became virtually non-existent. I had some friends even though I didn't get to hang out with them very often at all though most of the time I felt alienated and misunderstood. I kept getting rejected because I was different and it all became very depressing.
I am now friends with some of the most amazing people and even though we rarely see each other, I still feel really connected with them. I truly believe that having at the very least one genuine connection with someone is so important and this is why I make the following offer. I am offering to extend my friendship to all who want it.
"True friendship is seen through the heart, not through the eyes." - Unknown 
Hey, so, I have recently been caught up in some of my trust issues and limiting belief systems which prompted me into unproductive moods. I really didn't feel inspired to do much of anything, especially for Remembering Our Potential. I take so long to do things that even when I got excited about a great idea I had for my business I kept putting it off. The thought of creating new content seriously daunted me, however, I didn't realize it then though I was shooting myself in the foot with all my procrastination. 
It takes less energy to do something that you are excited and inspired to do than it takes to force yourself to do that which you're not totally interested in. So folks, today's moral is to take action to do the things that inspire you because when you do, you are more likely to accomplish them. 
Earlier today, I caught up on last week's episode of Our Wish Radio featuring Les Brown. I heard something that struck a cord with me and I thought I would share it. So many times, people think that they have to be rational if they want to achieve their goals. They focus on the small steps and sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture, their end goal. There are a couple of disadvantages with having this focus. Allow me to present an example of what I mean.  
Let's suppose your end goal is to be healthy and fit so you sign up for yoga classes. Your yoga stretches are hard though you continue because you've seen the success stories. After weeks of frustration and no positive results, you give up on yoga then resolve to jog a bit. Jogging loses your interest quickly, prompting you to become discouraged. So, what now? How can you still achieve your goal of being healthy and fit?
Well here's a suggestion; ask yourself why you want to be healthy and fit. Next, you should visualize yourself personifying your reason. It's important to feel good about what you are visualizing because being in positive state of mind will bring about opportunities that work for you and help you towards the achievement of your goal. 
I will leave you now with the following reminders to see the big picture and focus on your end goal. By doing this, you make it easier for yourself to continue on your path towards enthusiastically reaching your goal. 
"Where should I sit? What outfit should I wear today? Paper or plastic? Do you want fries with that? "Decisions are everywhere. Some are quick and easy to make, others are not. Life is full of decisions and a lot of people including myself, sometimes make them out of obligation. We feel that we have no other options than bad ones, though is this really so?
I put a fair bit of effort into building a self hosted website from WordPress so that Remembering Our Potential could have its own domain. That is pretty well all I have done for the past two days though the thing is; I'm not terribly happy with the site. Is my Wordpress blog worth me keeping? It may help me get more leads and prospects which are imperative to a successful internet marketing venture. After much deliberation, I have decided to keep the website and use this site to concentrate on my blog. I've come to conclusion that it's better all around to make a decision that I feel good about. I made the decision not to solely use something that I wasn't totally passionate about. What is your decision?