Hey, so today I want to share with you the story of how I almost gave up on my business and the life of my dreams. On Thursday,  I finished  writing out my barriers to accessibility for the accessibility advisory committee that I am on. Even though I was writing my barriers in point form, it still took me awhile. It took so long to type that I became incredibly sore and I started to spasm. I felt defeated and I thought to myself “how the hell am I going to succeed in my business and in life when typing causes me this much physical pain?! I can’t do this anymore.” spent the majority of the day in a funk because I just did not see a way around this very real obstacle.
I was truly at the point of giving up even though I knew that whenever I have been at this point in the past, things got better. However, it wasn’t until I read the post that my friend Julie Wisewrote that my mood shifted. Julie had sent me an email on Monday, saying that she wrote about me in her blog, though I did not see her email until Thursday night..To make a long story short; Julie’s post reminded me of what I have to offer the world and I said “okay, I can do this. I am going to achieve my dreams.“
My resolution to not give up, awakened and transformed me into what I like to call my super warrior. These warriors are strong, powerful, confident and adaptive. They are not stopped or discouraged by their unforeseen obstacles and above all, they never give up on their dreams.
The concept of the super warrior was inspired by Jonathan Budd’s quote; ”The True Warrior, When Battling For His Destiny, Does Not Fight With His Fists… He Fights With His Heart.”

There are so many new opportunities that are presenting themselves to me and I am like "YES" as my heart sings for joy. I am finally starting to make things happen for me. I am particularly excited about two events that are coming up in the next few months.

My Certified Life Coach Training is taking place in March and Jonathan Budd's The Unstoppable Entrepreneur: Live Immersion Experience is happening in May. I feel so strongly about being at both of these events though, I don't exactly know how I am going to get to them due to my current problems finding assistance. However, I still have hope and I am trying to manifest ways for me to get to these seminars. I feel that the only way for me to rise above my challenges and be successful at achieving my dreams is to become truly undaunted like a superhero.

Alright, I’m going to try to make this post short and sweet. I’ve talked before about; how if you are true to who you are, the rest will follow. Something happened today that backs up my previous statement. I got an email asking me to participate in a youth employment study for people with disabilities at the Independent Living Centre. I am very excited and grateful for this opportunity to be actively involved in making a difference. Hopefully the results of the study help to make the employment world more accessible to people with disabilities.
The point of sharing this experience with you is to remind you that staying true to yourself has its rewards. Things will happen for you!
In last night's post, I talked about the obstacles that I have been facing and I would like to speak more about them. Though, tonight I am going to tackle this subject from a different angle. I want to share with you an observation that I made today. I feel that I'm truly becoming aware of life's fluidity. It is like I have re-entered the matrix and can now bend its rules slightly.
Ever since I made the choice and decided to start up my coaching business and have it as a viable means of employment, I have been attracting people and experiences that are helping me move closer towards living my dreams. My obstacles do not seem to be as solid and formidable as they used to be.
The moral of the story is that in a bigger scheme of things; you'll get more out of life when you put your passions and strengths into play.
I used to strongly dislike Valentine's Day because I felt that it was a reminder of all the reasons why I was pathetic and single. However, since this passed week I have been experiencing situations that are really calling into question the beliefs I have about myself. Allow me to explain about what I am talking about. 
As some of you know, I have been struggling with getting the assistance I require to achieve my goals. I am currently having to rely on my family members for 90% of my support..To make a long story short, I am experiencing a tricky situation which open the doors for my anxiety and self worth issues. I need a job to be able to afford to hire someone to assist me, though I need someone to assist me at wherever I am employed. 
I'm having trouble finding part time employment, so I decided to seriously start my coaching business. On the night that I made my decision, I found a place in Kitchener where I could rent and work. I was so thrilled about finding this space that I thought of, what I felt was a good, concrete plan of success. Though my ideas were not received as well as I had hoped.
Now, obstacles seem to be continuously piling up; one right after the other and the following question keeps presenting itself. "Am I good enough?" Though, I think the more important question is this: "how badly do I  want to achieve my goals and dreams?" I feel that the time has come for me to choose, if I am going to allow my fears to get in the way of my happiness and success. I "randomly" met Julie Wise at Chapters yesterday and  she just re-affirms my choice to follow my dreams.  
My biggest dreams are to have a life that I am excited about living and have the freedom to achieve my goals without becoming defeated by obstacles that arise. I want to help inspire people through my creativity and career endeavours. My greatest dream is in two parts which have to do with my personal and professional lives.

I want to have successful careers in the entertainment and personal development industries. As for my personal life, I want to have more opportunities to hang out with my friends and one day be in a truly loving,  romantic relationship.

My dreams may be big, and in spite of all my fears, I truly believe that I will achieve my dreams. No matter how "impossible" or silly your dreams seem to others, if they truly bring you joy, then never give up on them.
In closing, I want to share the following quote with you. "Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success." - Dale Carnegie

I'm really glad that January is over because my anxiety was getting bad. I am a lot better this month. I think that spending Thursday shopping in the States helped me to mellow out. My parents and I spent the morning looking around and loving the cheaper prices. I spent just over $100 the whole day.

On our way home, my parents and I stopped for lunch at Lakehouse, which is an uber nice restaurant near St. Catherines. The  service and food at Lakehouse is awesome! The waitress that we had actually talked with me in regards to my order which made me feel great. The strawberry daiquiri I had was really good. Also, the pizza that I had there was by far, the best pizza I've ever had! I loved it so much that I ordered a whole other pizza to take home! 

I also had a nice conversation with my parents. It was almost as if we stepped outside of time for the duration of our lunch. There was no pain, worry or anxiety. I felt happy, abundant and the sense that things are working out. This is what I imagine my future self feels like.