So, I have just watching a random and crazy vlog by a guy named Luke Conrad. This  particular vlog is about his tour and it features two of my favourite young and upcoming artists;Tiffany Alvord and Alex Goot who are also on tour. (I have attached  the links to their YouTube channels, so y’all can check them out if you wish.) Luke’s video made me smile. 🙂 It also really inspired me because if these “average” “everyday” people are achieving their goals and living their dreams, then why can’t we do the same?
This week has been somewhat rough for me emotionally. It brought back a few memories and issues that I thought I had let go of, though thankfully they were not around for long. I got them out of my system without too much trouble. However, during their “visit” IOverworked Young male doctor sleeping on a chair Royalty Free Stock Photo asked myself why do I bother.
Why do I keep trying to make actual friends when it never works out? Why am I bothering to try and create a happy and fulfilling life for myself when something always gets in the way? Why do I bother? People won’t change any time soon, neither will my situation and come on, look at the state of the world! Is it going to get any better than this? What good are my ideals? A friend of mine says we are now experiencing the end times. If she is right, should I just give up?
I got the answers to my questions last night. First off, I do not believe that we are experiencing the end of the world. However, I do believe that consciousness is shifting and that people are slowly becoming more aware of themselves as well as the environment – this is a process. It needs time to continue to grow and build.
Now why do I keep trying to achieve my goals?  Sure, it really sucks when things don’t work out, though I would rather take the chance to be happy and successful than not try at all. When I choose to take the chances even if they’re small, I have more control over my life and that empowers me. I now believe that I owe it to myself to make myself happy and I believe we all owe this kindness to ourselves. Now is the time for us to start living our dreams and really, what do we have to lose?
I am currently pursuing a writer’s path since I love to write and it is one of the things that I often dream about doing as a career. I write whenever I can and actually, yesterday, I finished the script for my graphic novel.  I hope to get it published sometime soon and I feel very strongly about seeing this particular project to its fruition. I can see it bringing me closer to living my dreams.
I have one last thought that I want to share tonight. During the storm on Wednesday, I watched the series finale of Torchwood and I was kind of disappointed with the ending. It really bothered me that the main character gave up in the end, after all that happened. Though, in hindsight, the ending was perfect because it has inspired me to not want to give up on achieving my goals.
This morning, a friend of mine sent me five mind-shifting TED talks on happiness that I thought I’d share. Feel free to check them out. 🙂

“I’m through with playing by
The rules of someone else’s game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It’s time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes and leap.” – Defying Gravity/Wicked
I saw The Glee 3D Movie yesterday and I loved it! The film shares the stories of a few individuals who overcame adversity. Hearing those people’s stories inspires me and it’s just reinforces the idea that I can overcome my challenges in life. We all can.
The movie was very fun and freeing. I get a similar feeling when I write or model, which made me realize how I can stay empowered. When I am being creative and expressing myself, the obstacles and challenges do not seem so insurmountable.
So, the following is an exercise that you can try. Start by finding your thing; the activity that brings you joy and sets you free. My thing is writing. Other people’s activity might be gardening, practising an art form or taking part in a particular sport. Then make time to do whatever you have chosen every day, though you don’t have to do it for long. If you chose more than one activity then alternate between them. The important thing is to be consistent.
However, if you don’t know what your thing is, see the exercise below.
Exercise 2: Make a list of the activities that you enjoy doing. The size of your list doesn’t matter just as long as you can rate your activities from 1 to 10; 1 being what you enjoy the most. (Note that you can have the same number more than once.) Next, eliminate the ones that you are least interested in. Keep rating and eliminating until you have your number 1 choice.
(Exercise 2 was inspired by the passion test.)
P.S. Please feel free to share your questions and/or comments in the space below.

This morning, I came to a realization that I am my own worst enemy, my arch nemesis if you will. I have always intellectually known that though I never really saw it until this morning when I watched the latest episode of Warehouse 13. The episode’s protagonists get trapped in a video game where their deepest fears come to play. They have a choice to either overcome their fears, finish the game and get back to reality or wait for their fears to best them.
It’s time for me to get out of my way and stop letting  my fears colour my goals. I know of other people who have similar physical limitations to me that are now quite successful. When people reminded me of this, I’d say that they were clearly better than I, though I don’t believe that I am inferior to them or anyone anymore.

I was watching The Glee Project this morning and one of the contenders did a “last chance performance” of Defying Gravity. It is definitely a favourite of mine and even though I have listened to the song countless times, the following lyrics really jumped out at me.
“Too long I’ve been afraid of losing love I guess I’ve lost. Well, if that’s love, it comes at much too high a cost!”
I feel like those lyrics are very true for me, especially for what’s currently happening in my life. I refrain from doing certain things just in case, I make the people who I depend on mad enough that they won’t help me. I also worry about saying something that will result in me losing a friend. Though, my worries are not helping anyone, so I need to let go of them. I am not a bad person, nor am I inferior; I am me.
“I am me”, reminds me of lyrics from another song that was on this week’s Glee Project. “I can’t be right for somebody else, if I’m not right for me.”
Some people don’t like me and they may never be huge fans of mine. However, some do like me for who I am and I’ll find others who like me and want to be friends. I tend to struggle with this idea, though I have to remember that things will work out just as long as I’m happy with myself. The rest of it is details!
Isn’t it kind of crazy how assistance can come in unexpected mediums? This is one of the reasons why I love Glee so much; it inspires me to keep going and persevere regardless of the situation. I’m very grateful to have such an inspiration in my life.
So folks, I will leave it at that. Take care!