Hey guys, so I want to share the following article that I found via occupylove this morning. 

“There is a sign in Liberty Plaza proclaiming, ‘occupy everything’ and its sentiment arrives at the essence of the situation.

Yes, occupy everything, starting with your own heart. Otherwise, it will be commandeered by the forces of the church, the state, the corporation, the bully on your block, the passive-aggressive friend who is ‘just here to help,’ even the demands of your own egoist agendas that bore to indifference the heart of the world and soul of the age.

If you don’t recognize your humanity, who will? Who is more qualified to occupy your life than you? Who is closer to the situation? Who else is qualified to arrive at an original take of the question at hand?

And you might find the place to make a stand in the struggle to retake your essential self is in public space, among throngs of others engaged in like-minded struggle … among others who have heeded a similar call and thus have arrived in those equally troubled locations — the U.S. public arena and the American heart.

Occupy your own heart; the soul of the world longs for your companionship.”

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Hey guys, I haven't posted anything for a few weeks due to the reasons that I'll briefly explain. 

A) The web hosting company that I was with, said that I was going to lose the ownership of my blog if I didn't give them a hundred and seven dollars. Money is tight right now, and I couldn't afford to pay, (even though I wanted to keep my blog). This is why I am back on Blogger.

B) Someone who I'm relatively close to, recently tried to commit suicide. I was very stressed out and worried about him, and he still worries me. 

C) My parents bought a new home, and we're moving in a week. Then hopefully, when we are all settled, I can go back to practicing in my power chair, and continue The Wheelchair Chronicles.

D) I don't know if I can safely drive around Toronto in my current electric chair because of its incredible slowness, and its tendency to move on its own. However, I'm not eligible for a new wheelchair for another year or two. This is another source of stress for me because I really want to go to Gage, be independent and have the opportunity to build a successful life. 

E) I had a substitute support worker last week who really didn't like me. It may not seem like a big deal, but it kinda hurt. She made it obvious that she had other things that she would rather do. It hurt because no matter what I try or do, I am far from being anything like a Master Jedi of social interactions. 

Needless to say, my life has been somewhat crazy and turbulent of late. I have had a lot on my mind, plus my class keeps me pretty busy. 

Sorry guys, I meant to post this yesterday, but I fell asleep before I could.
Day Two was a lot better than yesterday, because I knew what to expect. I spent three hours just driving around my neighbourhood, and it was a very surreal experience, but let me back up a bit.
My parents were taking care of my little niece and nephew today. My mum suggested that we could all go have lunch at the Wall Street Café, because it is within walking, (and rolling) distance from my house.  My wheelchair was being annoying, hella slow, and turning on its own again, however, it bothered me less this time because yesterday’s emotional adventures were still fresh in my mind.  Then, about an hour after we got home from the restaurant my worker came, and I drove around with her.
Being able to use my electric chair again, feels so surreal! I thought that my days of driving a powered wheelchair were long gone. I thought that my spasticity had robbed me of that ability, and I forgot how good it feels to not need to rely on other people to get me from A to B.
My goal of having a successful and independent life suddenly does not seem so distant – I feel like I’m going to meet it sometime soon.

My electric wheelchair came back today. Woot, right? It took months, though it’s finally here, so am I happy? Yes, I am, because I’m one step closer to my independence and freedom. It is just that my chair now has a button control system that in theory makes it easier to drive in spite of my muscle spasms. Currently, the chair experience is rather frustrating me – the reason being that the wheels turn when I’m not pressing the buttons to turn right or left, and as a result, I do not move in a straight line. So, I have decided to chronicle my experiences surrounding my wheelchair, to see what progress I make, if any.
Day One was very, very frustrating for me. My assessment went well, but when my family and I walked over to the voting station at an elementary school near my house, my wheelchair would not stay on the sidewalk. I got upset, my anxiety peaked, people were staring, and I just wanted to call it quits! I had enough. The whole ordeal was extremely stressful and embarrassing. It wasn’t what I expected at all, however, in a year or two; I will be eligible for a chair that will correct itself and drive in a straight line.  Hurray for that!!!