Between rocking out to Glee covers, in fond memory of Cory Monteith,(RIP, man! You were a great inspiration to me! <3) I'm working on getting "Starkeeper" to go viral. Going viral involves posting daily updates on my Twitter, Tumblr, Goodreads, Facebook and other social networks, learning SEO, as well as sending "Starkeeper" to book reviewers. This is going to be a lot of work for me, but I'm committed to making this happen, so I have no complaints!

I woke up this morning, and saw that a friend of mine, who I used to model with, tagged me in an article that she posted on Facebook. This article is about a young, disabled model, who is changing the face of modeling! This is quite awesome and encouraging, and it proves the old saying, "where there's a will, there's a way."

If you so desire, you can check out the article via the link below.

I was so frustrated yesterday, because I have to rely other people if I want to promote my book offline. You see, earlier in the week, my publisher emailed me a flyer to take into stores, schools, libraries, etc. and ask them if they would like to carry "Longing." My parents said that they would help me distribute these flyers yesterday, but then things happened, and they were unable to assist me. This frustrated me, then my friend said, "focus on what you can do, Andre. You have ways to promote your book yourself, so don't worry about the things that are out of your control." These words are spot-on, because the reality is that I have a physical disability, so I have to rely on others for help sometimes. Plus, I can promote my book by myself, I can promote it online, which I've started to do since its release!

Today's post is inspired by Jordan David's latest video, "The Journey Continues" which summarizes the adventures that he had this year. I feel called to do the same.

Things aren't flowing right now, so I'll save the recounting for another time. However, like Jordan, I want to travel around, form connections and help people, and hopefully, Starkeeper will facilitate that. So, I think it's time for another transformational challenge, because the last one seemed to work well.

I changed my life through the 90-day challenge that I did, though this time, my focus will be on  getting my book, and myself out there. I'm going to continue working on the second installment "Longing Part Two", and see where blogging every day, for 30 days on Goodreads takes me.

Hey guys, happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians out there! I have been rather busy lately, and some pretty awesome things have been happening. I won't say too much about it now, however, I'll say two things, and then leave you with the following youtube videos.

Thing One: Starkeeper (part one) will be released really soon, so I'm uber stoked about that!!

Thing Two: I can honestly say that I'm currently quite happy with how my life has been turning out, thus far! Life is good!

There is going to be a part two to this post, so stay tuned!