My mum emailed me a link to a free online course from a university in Germany. It really looks cool, and it starts on the same day that I get my Botox injections. Oct. 25th! XD



Hey guys, I was going to record this earlier, but I fell asleep. I wanted to talk about transparency, vulnerability, and being real and raw. However, things aren't flowing. So, today, I met with my supervisor, OT and the ILC's health and safety person. They're going to look into something that'd help with my spasms.

Lastly, I'm working on an email to The Trevor Project.



Thing One: I'd like to contact The Trevor Project about Starkeeper.

Thing Two: A friend of mine is starting up an online space (called Hidden Rainbow) for LGBTQ people with physical disabilities, which I think is really exciting.

P.S. I didn't post it earlier, i.e. last night because I was chatting with another friend of mine. 🙂 I love talking with him - we talk about everything from Buffy to religion and social stigmas.

See the description on YouTube if you'd like a summary of what I've said.

Urban Dictionary defines a troll as "one who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument."

I don't usually talk about trolls on here because I've become rather accustomed to their comments, and frankly, they come quite often. However, Jordan's video has inspired me to write a response to the trolls I encountered.

Last night, I received a message questioning my desire to meet people because my wheelchair is a turn-off for a lot of them, including its sender. If I hadn't had experienced things of a similar nature, that message would've hurt..I'm tired, so I shall finish this later. (See part two)