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Yes, you read that correctly, sometime in the near future, I’m going to become more bionic. I am already sorta bionic with my spinal rods, and hip plate, however, I was talking with my mum this past weekend, and well, long story short, I have decided to get a Baclofen pump… Even though this is my choice, I don’t relish the thought of a computerized hockey puck surgically implanted near the base of my spine. I have a lot of mixed feelings, and anxieties surrounding this notion.

For the longest time, I’ve been fervently against getting a pump because surgeries and I don’t do well together, and a doctor said that there’s a 75% chance that I could lose my upper-body mobility, which scares the hell out of me! I’m also afraid that if the pump is visible through my skin, I’d seem “more disabled,” and…possibly even unattractive to a potential partner, casting director, and/or a talent agent, and ultimately face yet another rejection. Yes, I know this is an incredibly silly and shallow fear, but there it is. Though, every coin, or puck for that matter, has two sides, right?

A Baclofen pump could significantly reduce my spasms, and could help me handle being in my chair for longer periods. Therefore, I’d be able to accomplish  lots more without having my body revolt for weeks every time I’m up. It would also help give me the stamina to pursue my dreams like modeling, acting, and falling in love.

So yeah, becoming more bionic has its perks, and really, it all comes down to one question. Do I want to continue to spend 90% of my life in bed? I LOVE my bed – we have an amazing relationship, but sometimes a guy just needs his space, ya know?

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  • Peter Martin(Lvegas69 on CB) says:

    Well Andre, this is a big decision for you, but I know you will have thought long and hard about it and done the research before you decided on going ahead. So I know you’re making the right decision.
    I watched my mother suffer almost daily muscular spasms for many years, I felt powerless as all I could do was make sure she had her maximum daily dose of Baclofen pills. She always said her spasms were the worst part of her MS. I would hate you to have you suffer those debilitating for that length of time.
    I have been reading up on Baclofen Pumps for over an hour, so I can see why you are a little worried. I think you need to consult with your surgeon and tell him your concerns, hopefully he can reassure you. (And tell him to be extra careful when he does your procedure!!! Lol)
    From what I have read the patient reviews seem very positive ( It would be great if you could talk with somebody who has had one fitted.
    I’ve seen photos online (as I’m sure you have) of how they look and I can see why it could be another reminder of your disability. If it helps you (and hopefully it will) to live a more active life with fewer milder spasms, then maybe you could look at is as a positive addition. You could explain it as Body Modification Art!
    Seriously though, by the time a potential partner gets to see your ‘bionic bits’ you will have had time to tell them about it . I don’t think it is particularly unsightly, you have the advantage in that the rest of you is so darn cute, who’s gonna worry about a small bump under your ribs haha. I understand your concerns here 100% and I’m not trying to belittle them. I Honestly think that the bump will be a bigger deal to you and if anybody did find it a deal breaker they must be beyond shallow. It’s always better to weed these ones out early before you waste too much time or energy !

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