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I woke up this morning, feeling excited, nervous, and like I really had to pee! “Why?” you ask. Well, I don’t know, but maybe it was because I dreamt about water. 😛 Seriously though, I have an interview tomorrow morning, and so I’m a little anxious. The dream I had last night, reflected this anxiety.

I dreamt that I was in my old house, getting ready for my interview, that afternoon. I was terribly worried about looking my best, and being on time, but when my dad drove me to the interview, the reporter was late. However, despite my worries, everything went well. I flew over many lakes, white bridges, and islands.

Is this a sign of things to come? We shall see! 🙂

P.S. The bridge in the pic is IDENTICAL to a few of the bridges in my dream.

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  • Peter Martin says:

    Andre, I’m sure you had this lucid dream, because as you say you are feeling anxious about the interview.
    I don’t know what it means, though I know I have really lucid dreams when I’m feeling anxious or stressed.
    Last year I was going through a rough patch and I had a recurring lucid dream about travelling to a big city that I knew well but ended up lost and in a state of panic. This dream went on for about 3months and only stopped when I dealt with the problems I was having.
    Try not to feel stressed about the interview, Andre, you could charm the birds out of the trees and the interviewer is going to be bowled over by you!

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