I’m not perfect, but I’m trying

So, my last post “Believe in yourself, even when no one else does!” hurt people’s feelings, which wasn’t my intention at all! I blog to express myself, and my feelings were hurt, and I needed to get   out what I was feeling.

I’m not perfect, and I don’t have everything all figured out yet, but I will. Though, I thought that I pretty well for myself, and then I made people mad at me. It has been hell ever since.

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  • doug says:

    you are my hero
    the inspiration you give me helps me face each day
    as you have said”follow your heart” im sure that the people
    that are mad at you will get over it, and their love for
    you will not diminish,
    starting at univerisity sounds like a duanting task,
    but it is nothing compard to the chalenges that you have
    overcome already, follow your heart, only you know what
    is inside of it!
    you will always be in my thoughts and prayers
    good luck!
    luv dg

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