On Cloud Nine!!


  • Peter Martin(Lvegas69 on CB) says:

    OMG …..Somebody’s Happy……you’re happy Andre….you’ve now made me happy too….and I was miserable before seeing your video(for real) lol
    I told you not to get too stressed about your interview, I knew she would LOVE you! and she’s gonna help with the book?……YOU CHARMER lolol
    But I am really happy it went so well for you. I still haven’t got round to ordering the 1st book , I just need to check on shipping to London, I’m sure it’s not Rocket Science to order and I am looking forward to reading it so I’d better order it soon
    BTW don’t open any links sent from my twitter as I think I’ve been hacked and somebody’s tweeting about slimming pills on my account ( probably more interesting than the rubbish I do tweet!) I will try to change my password tomorrow, but hard on my iPad!
    Have a Great Weekend Mister!

  • Robin says:

    The interview is fantastic, Andre! A great email to receive on my birthday. 🙂 I am really proud of you. Soldier on!

    Peter, the best way to get it would be through Amazon. It is available on the UK site.


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