Trolls (Day 26)

Urban Dictionary defines a troll as “one who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.”

I don’t usually talk about trolls on here because I’ve become rather accustomed to their comments, and frankly, they come quite often. However, Jordan’s video has inspired me to write a response to the trolls I encountered.

Last night, I received a message questioning my desire to meet people because my wheelchair is a turn-off for a lot of them, including its sender. If I hadn’t had experienced things of a similar nature, that message would’ve hurt..I’m tired, so I shall finish this later. (See part two)

One Comment

  • Gavin McLean says:

    It’s obvious that there are 1000’s cyber Trolls who are short sighted and one dimensional people. All across the board through all walks of life. Jing and Jang. To Andre and anyone else in the same situation are strong enough to by pass these trolls who are obviously angry and unhappy. Rise above as you have done many times before. “To loose your dreams, is to loose your mind” (Mick Jagger)
    “Keep your head high and look a man in the eye” (Gavin McLean)
    Kia kaha nga Tangata.

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