Who I am, and what I’m trying to do

Who am I? I am just a 24 year old guy who is trying to build a happy and meaningful life. I have Cerebral Palsy, and require assistance to complete all my tasks and activities of daily life. These tasks include eating, grooming, toileting, cooking, etc. I also need help out in the community to go on shopping, work-related, and leisurely excursions.

What am I trying to do? Well, to answer this, I shall start by sharing the following two videos.

I totally agree with Dayna! The media and entertainment industry plays a big role in our society, and maybe it’s time to use it to our advantage, no? This is part of why I wanted a protagonist who happens to have a disability. However, I would still like to get back into modeling and acting, as soon as I find the right people and assistance to help me.

Like the individuals in these videos, I am also trying to create change. A year ago, Starkeeper: Longing, my first graphic novel was published. Starkeeper is a science fiction story that follows Cal, a bullied, disabled teen whose life changes in ways that he never imagined, which led him to discover his powerful birthright. Since its publication, my novel has opened the door to a few opportunities where I got to share Cal’s journey as well as my own with other people with disabilities. Getting the chance to connect with people who have had similar experiences as me was awesome, and being able to let them know that they aren’t alone was even better! I would love to have many more opportunities like this, and incorporate them into a future career, alas I can’t achieve this without the necessary assistance, which I currently do not have.

Therefore, I am trying to find volunteers, a way to hire my own attendants, or some other avenue to get the help I need, so I can continue to build the happy life and career that I so desire.

I know I am a dreamer, but I don’t think that my goals and aspirations are impossible, I just have to find a way to achieve them.

P.S. I have looked into the Direct Funding route, as you guys know, and I don’t think seven hours (which is the maximum allotment) would be enough for me, because there have been times when I was out all day.

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  • Peter Martin(Lvegas69 on CB) says:

    great little chat we all had earlier on twitter! You attract a lovely loyal bunch of followers . Which I anticipate wiil increase greatly when your second book drops
    Dayna is a beautiful , bright , very likeable young lady
    . Many of her greviances about identity , fashion and media I have previously heard from you and as you know agree whole heartedly. Now is the time for the big tv and movie bosses to see more posive disabled characters and to ensure they are filled by the many amazing actors who happen to have disabilities. Fashion Houses are moving forward slowly eg The gorgeous Jillian Mercado (Fronting a new campaign for major label Diesel in her chair. But still nowhere nearly as fast as they should be. Come on Pepe Jeans, I’ve worked on campaigns with you and are very open to suggestions I know a Stunning Canadian Model called Andre who’s handsome boyish looks, enigmatic gaze and cheeky smile would look awesome fronting your new campaign!

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