My bridge is almost complete. I thought of the bridge analogy when I was explaining to a friend how frustrating it was, not knowing how to get from point A to point B. I didn't know how to get from a young guy with a disability struggling to succeed, to a guy who is happily living a life that he wholeheartedly enjoys. Now, allow me to give you a progress report of my bridge.
 Yesterday, I was able to talk out a few more of the fear blocks I have and I could see a clearer picture of my path. I have decided not to worry about not having the type of assistance I'd like and go to college. I am also not worried about going to school to get the "good paying job", so today, my mum and I had a look at the programs that Conestoga College has. The programs that I am interested in, like Graphic Design and Entrepreneurship are offered online which is awesome because I will be able to accomplish them at my own pace and where I currently have the most support.

My mum said that I will have to wait until November to apply, she also stated that she does not know whether I'd get a diploma or not. I thought that was okay and I don't care what kind of certification I receive because I already know what my career paths are.