"Manifestation Power!"

You can call it magick, manifestation, the law of attraction, good fortune or whatever you want, it works! Some of you know how much I depend on my computer and how much I really didn't like not having it around, well guess what. I have it back. I got my computer back yesterday evening and it's working! This post is brought to you today by my computer. I will eventually get a new computer though having the Compaq back gives me some time to find funding so that my mother's mind will be at ease. My computer isn't in perfect health though it will work for now. The prognosis that Staples gave my laptop on Friday was grave so what caused its recovery? Was it magick or was it something else entirely?

I believe that I manifested and co-created having my computer back and I feel that it was a collective effort - more than just my thoughts were focused on my computer. Ever since I started to believe in myself again, I noticed that I can manifest the things I want with more ease and speed than before. Belief in myself is the key that is allowing me to consciously utilize my potential.

I think that belief in one's self is the key to unlock most people's potential. Some people go through their lives without having that "yes, my life is awesome" feeling. Well do not fret, for no matter what your current situation is, you have the ability and potential to have anything that you desire. Just be and believe in yourself and the rest will follow.

I am reminded of what a friend of mine once asked me. Her question was, "if we were never told what we couldn't do, could we do anything?"