I used to be a very intense person, spending a lot of time and energy into meeting people. I don't think that I am any less intense, I just feel that I am investing my energy into different things now. I'm still very much interested in meeting and collaborating with others though the need, urgency and the fear of failing to do so are gone. As I was listening to the latest Our Wish Radio show, I thought about far I've come and how much I've grown.

My progress shines throughout the posts on this blog. I am reminded of what the minister said to me at my oma's funeral. He said that this blog is important and I agree that it is. Not only do I have the chance to help people through what I write though I am giving myself the opportunities to grow with each post that I write. I put a lot of energy and creativity into this site and as a result I have become less crazy. I am more calm as well as confident now. I seem to have a sense of knowing that things are working out for me. I know that the business I am co-creating will become successful and I know that I am attracting the types of relationships that I want in my life.