So, I was away for a bit, and honestly, I was rather discouraged. Then I went to Edmonton to visit my older sister, and it was really great. I enjoyed myself, and I felt like I did, in Banff, at her wedding - I felt like my disability faded into the background.

I'm back from Edmonton, and I was ready to resume doing book things, but I quickly got discouraged and anxious again. The thought that my book isn't doing well, because no one likes my book, was on repeat, in the back of my mind. My anxiety wasn't and isn't solely about Starkeeper. I'm anxious about other stuff, too - I literally had to take a break from writing this post, because I was getting all jittery, panicky, spastic-y and nauseous.

Getting all antsy wasn't fun, which is why I am going to do another 90-day transformation challenge, and this time, I'm officially committing to write posts every day, regardless of how I feel.

My intentions for this challenge are to establish myself as a writer and motivational speaker, improving my independence and self worth, and stepping into the calm and confident person that I want to become.

Alright, I'm getting tired, so I am going to call it a night. Night!