I have always dreamed of falling in love with someone who truly loves me as I am. I have also dreamed of hanging out with people who value our friendships as much as I do. I used to believe that having my type of Cerebral Palsy meant that my dreams could never come true. Up until about four months ago, I was extremely depressed and frustrated by this notion. I felt like my disability prevented me from doing the things I wanted to do. I also didn’t see myself in a very healthy light. I kept getting rejected, I was losing friends, nothing was going right and then my attitudes shifted in early August of this year.  

I am still single though I have awesome friends that even though I don’t see them very often at all, I know that they are truly my friends. I still face rejection and have challenges daily, however I just keep working through it all because I know that one day, my perseverance will pay off. So, no matter what your dreams are, you can achieve them because you are the only one who can.

My advice to you is to immerse yourself in what you enjoy and just be who you are. By being yourself you attract the experiences you want and the types of people you want to meet. One of my favourite sayings is; be yourself and the rest will follow.

Oh and p.s., it’s okay to be different, to be you.