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I have had three dreams so far this month that kicked my butt and told me to get my act together, thus I'd better listen. The first two dreams were about me making genuine friendships with the Glee cast after my book was published and part of the It Gets Better project.

In my first dream, I spent a whole weekend with my new friends. On the Saturday, I got to perform with the cast, then we just talked for a long time afterwards. They wanted to get to know me, so I told them about myself and what their show meant (and means) to me.

Cory and Dianna said that I was an amazing person, and to email them when I wanted someone to talk to. Then Amber suggested we'd go to an amusement park and out for dinner the next day.

In my second dream, Chris and I were hanging out at my house. Finally, in last night's butt-kicking dream, I was graduating from the Hero Academy, and was getting ready to go dance with a boy. During the grad ceremony, Peanut, the-highest-scoring-dog-sidekick chose me as his "partner in crime."

I think that these three dreams are trying to tell me that in order for me to become the person I want, I must let go of my feeling of inferiority. I also think that I should do whatever it takes to keep feeling good about myself.