This entry was written on August 28th, 2010

I am on my way. Yay! I am at the Hilton hotel in Toronto and I got so many confirmations today, that I am on the right path.
1. On our way to Toronto, I told my mum that Independent Living is helping me look for a part time job and she thinks that’s a good idea. She has no problems with it!
2. A little while later, my brother Patrick starts talking about wanting to go shopping in LA and then I find out that we are staying at the Hilton. Jorge Bueno’s workshop that I have tickets to is at the Hilton hotel in Los Angeles.
3. As we were waiting in line to check into the hotel, a woman with a bright white aura came up to me. She kissed my hand and told me that Jesus loves me. She massaged my forehead which stimulated my third eye. I now have feelings of clarity, peace and a strong knowing that help will always come when I ask for it.