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I started this post on Thursday morning, but I chose to finish responding to some questions that my publisher had for me, and unfortunately, that took the rest of the day. Then yesterday, I fell asleep whilst writing this.

Anyway, two nights before last, I had another Glee dream. I dreamt that I was back in high school, watching a live concert that Dianna and Darren put on for the staff and students. Darren said that he and I would hang out after the concert, however, when it ended, he was gone.

"Hey Dianna, do you know where Darren is," I asked my lovely friend. "He probably went back to our hotel," she replied. Then she wondered if I would walk her to her room. "Yes, of course," I said, "I'd be happy to!" As we headed to the exit of the school, I reflected on my relationships with the actor and actress of Glee. I thought to myself, that I was incredibly lucky, to have Darren and Dianna as friends, and this wasn't because they work on the hit TV show, but because they were awesome people. I could feel the strength and genuineness of our friendships, as I thought this.

After my dream ended, and I woke up, I realized that I presently have genuine relationships with people, akin to those companionships in my dream. I might not have a romantic one now, or hang out with my current friends very often, though that doesn't negate their validity. I forget this sometimes, but I'd like to thank each of them for their kindness and support! I'd also like to thank them for reminding me that they care.

I think that a lot of people, including myself, get so wrapped up in the challenges we face, that we forget that there will always be at least one person who cares about us. We just have to know where to look.

As for days five and six (yesterday and today), I've been rather anxious, which I'm trying to work through.