Hey guys, sorry that I didn't update you yesterday on my apartment situation, though I wanted to wait until I had something a little more concrete to tell. However, uncertainties are all part of the journey, right? If all goes well, I move out in April.

Presently, this isn't a sure thing, because I don't know whether I'm a priority case. People who are priorities get first dibs on available apartments. I sent an email to Independent Living, asking if they consider me a priority, but I haven't heard back from them yet.

Not knowing if I'm going to get into Mooregate hasn't deterred me from preparing to move out. I spent the afternoon researching phone, internet and TV bundles, and even though this was a mundane task, I found it exhilarating! I also found it quite empowering, I am taking steps in the direction I want, without having to rely solely on other people such as my parents. I definitely love being independent!