I found this pic on Tumblr, and it showed me that I was doing everything wrong. Now, you might be thinking, “Oh Andre, is this going to be another depressing post?” But before you take off on me, hear me out.
I’m not saying that I am miserably failing at life – no, I don’t think that anymore. I am saying that the way that I am trying to achieve my goals and aspirations is all wrong and backwards. This is where “Do you really know me?” comes into play. You see, I realized yet again that I am getting in my own way.
Basically, I have built a cement box around myself, so hardly anyone sees the sweet, zany, caring person that I know myself to be. Although I truly want people to see me for who I am, subconsciously I’m not letting them really know me... However, I think that what I’m trying to express is this: I feel like I sometimes, unwittingly project my insecurities surrounding my disability and self worth, and I don’t see this as conducive to having the successful friendships and life I desire.
So, I definitely do not want to do this anymore, so as I thought up a solution, I came up with the following mantra. “Focus on your good qualities, not the things that you hate about yourself.” Then someday, you might get to really know me.