I haven’t made a video in a while because sometimes people find it hard to understand me. Plus subtitles take a long time for me to type. Then I thought to myself “So what? Why am I limiting myself like this?” I limit myself because I am afraid of failure and rejection though I shouldn’t allow my fears to control me and my life. I so badly want to be loved and accepted for who I am that I amplify certain aspects of myself for certain people and places. I have adopted the habit of projecting personas to try to fit into whatever situation I am experiencing. I know that personas aren’t a bad thing, for everything has a place and everyone projects them at times in varying degrees. However, I feel like I should start managing my habit especially if I am to do the things I want to do and become an established model, screenwriter, actor and human rights advocate. I must free myself from all the limitations that I perceive for myself only then will I be able to surpass the limitations that others perceive for me. I will try to post videos on YouTube on a more regular basis, this will help me to manage my emotions and free myself from limitations.
The internet gives me a lot of independence and freedom. It acts as an equalizer and levels the playing field. I find it harder to express myself in person due to my disability though online, pretty well everything is fair game! I spend a large amount of my time online checking my Facebook, Gmail and YouTube accounts.
I was on YouTube the other day and I watched a video from the Holons Network. There was something that was said within the video that really resonated with me. Jon and Ben were talking about making real connections with people via the online community. I put a lot of energy into making genuine connections online. Oh and I’ll put the link to part one of the video I just showed in the description box.
Thank you for your attention. I hope everyone is doing well! Until next time, be well!