Two nights ago, I had a dream wherein I was new friends with Lea Michele. She had meet, and work with her publicist; a tall, black man. My two new acquaintances were dedicated to helping me discover my niche; what I'm best at. Lea's publicist got me three auditions. I don't remember the first one, though the second was at a swimming pool. I told Lea that because of my disability, I needed someone to help me swim. So, I went to a basketball court for my third audition, and   played ball. Then Lea performed in a play at the high school I used to attend.

I remember feeling a lot better about my third audition simply because I was fairly good at basketball. So, I think that the message in this dream is to persevere, due to the fact that I still have untapped potential, and that I don't feel like I've found my niche yet. Furthermore, there are many things that I won't do well at, but there are an equal number of activities I will excel at. It's just a matter of finding them, and then narrowing my focus.