I have really been feeling off for a few days and I feel like I’m not in my flow. I have been working on a sample speech to kickstart my motivational speaking career and the words just aren’t flowing. Also I am not feeling like meditating as often as I was before. I am feeling bleh and I do not love it! I am not unhappy, I just want to get back in my groove! J

I got some really great advice intuitively, around 2:30 P.M. If I want to feel groovy again, I should re-examine my wants in life. So what do I want? I want to be in an amazingly loving, romantic relationship. I want to travel the world with my amazing friends. I want to inspire and help people worldwide. I want to be successful in everything I do. I want to be happy, healthy and wealthy. I want to have amazing and successful career in the entertainment and personal/social development industries. I want to lead an amazing life where I am honouring all aspects of myself including my spiritual self.

After writing this, I feel a whole lot better! I laughed a lot with my friend Norma today which also helped me get back in my groove!