Hey, it’s Andre and as you may know, I am currently working on a film called Humanity. There’s still a lot to do so I am asking for help. I am looking for individuals who are interested in working with me. I am a very spiritual person and since this movie is about all of humanity I am looking to be a part of a good group of people with diverse perspectives. My goal for this film is to shed some light on some of humanity’s unanswered questions.By looking for answers to these questions I hope to empower the people of this planet.All people of all talents are welcome and I’m still in the writing process so I would like help with that too. Oh and a large part of the screenplay will be interviews of people on the various subjects of the film.

Some people ask me why I am doing this. Why am I putting so much energy into looking for answers to questions that may never be answered? Well, I am doing this because I am passionate about filmmaking, I am passionate about gaining and sharing knowledge and I am passionate about helping and empowering others. I feel called to make this film and do my part in creating a healthy and peaceful world.