I know I said I'd write this yesterday, however, I spent the day figuring out my monthly budget. I felt good, really good. I was on a roll - in addition to my budget, I made a grocery list from the meal plan that I did up last week, which I've started to price. I also made a list of things to discuss with my social worker when she came. The list consisted of points all centered around maximizing my independence, and helping me get the most out of living on my own.

Then I went on a search for the closest grocery stores and whatnot. I discovered a Zehrs that is an eleven minute drive from my apartment. I also found out that the bus stop is only a three-minute walk away.

All this may sound trivial, though, getting to do what I've done, just makes me feel closer to the actualization of my goal to have a successful and independent life. Plus, it's making things feel more real.

Today, I started off feeling great, however, I became quite anxious when I told that I wasn't going to get subsidy after all. It ended up being a miscommunication, but before I found that bit out, I wasn't going to miss out on this living opportunity. I was going to make it work, somehow! There was no way in hell that I was going to give up on my apartment. I would've gotten a part-time job if I had to.