My computer has been broken for two weeks now and I was really freaking out about it. When I am using my computer I feel connected to the world and it is where I can be the most independent. Being without my computer is somewhat of a downer though my dad is letting me borrow his computer so I am grateful for that. Although, not having my computer lead me to gain the insight that is helping me move in the direction of what I truly want to experience in my lifetime.

I took the opportunity to look within myself and I realized that I was blocking my own success. I truly felt incapable of achieving my goals without some kind of assistance. I didn't believe that I could be successful on my own. If you want to read the story about how I got to my insight, check out the post I wrote entitled "I am what you can become".

Sometimes what we perceive as a loss is actually an opportunity for growth. Staples called my house on Friday evening and said that somehow liquid got into my computer and fried the motherboard. So, I have to buy another computer sometime soon though my mum is worried about it because my current income isn't terribly high. However, I am not worried and I see this as just another hurdle for me to jump over.