Two days ago, I wanted to write about the paradigm shifts that we as a collective are presently experiencing, then stuff happened and I ended up not writing the post. However, that was probably a good thing because now, I have a more concise idea of what to say. Therefore, I won't feel the need to write 3+ posts on this subject, because I'll say all that I want to in this one.

So, the first thing that I want to talk about is what happened on Monday. The day started off well with my ILC supervisor coming that morning just to check in with me. We talked about some of what I have to do to move, and she is totally helping me out with it! CCAC discharged me without notifying me, which was super bummy. However, however, however, my lovely supervisor put in a referral to get me back on their case-load, and I have a phone assessment on Friday! I'M SO EXCITED because this means that I am THAT much closer to getting a new power chair as well as the other equipment I need in order to go to Gage, but I digress... Like I said, Monday began quite well, but when I was chatting online that evening, I met someone who was interested in me until they asked me why I used a wheelchair. I told them, but then things got weird.

Stuff like this happens a lot! When people find out the extent of my disability, they stop talking to me, and even if they don't immediately cease communications, they tend to tire of me after a few months. Anyway, it was my frustration with these people that led me to re-watch Veronica's video about dealing with those who piss you off and riles your ego.

She gives some good advice, and I'm really glad that I am subscribed to her YouTube channel. So, in the spirit of 12-12-12, I would like to share two more  videos that have inspired me, and that is really what this paradigm shift is about. I truly do not believe that it is the herald or usher for the end of the world. Instead, I feel that this shift is about inspiring new ways of thinking, and more empowered ways to live our lives. I could talk about the new paradigm for ages, but I won't, so here are the videos that I am wanting to share.

I would like to mention one more thing before I call it a night. I started experimenting with binaural beats yesterday, and I had a really nice, solid, sleep! It was so refreshing, which is a rare occurrence for me because I usually have trouble sleeping. If you don't know what binaural beats are, I highly suggest looking them up, but I'll put a hyperlink to the YouTube channel I found, where you can listen to hour long sessions completely for free!