AAHHHHH! I'm so SICK of lying in bed all the freaking time, which it makes me wanna scream. It's extremely boring and unproductive, however, everything I tried to do, i.e. screenwriting, acting, modeling and internet marketing was short-lived. Even having an in-store job didn't work out. I am not saying I'm giving up on my dreams but for now, I have decided to become a book reviewer but no one is hiring, so I don't know. Bleh! 

My theory was to start making money so I would be able to hire someone to take me places, and by writing reviews I'd gain exposure as well as credentials that could help me publish my book. 
I so wanna scream and break through every obstacle that's in my way! You know those opera singers who can shatter glass with the power of their voices? That is similar to what I want to do. Don't you wish your problems can be solved by something as simple as a scream?  However, life isn't that easy, thus it looks like my only viable option (for now, at least) is to go back to original plan of putting myself out there. 
"Putting myself out there" involves internet marketing, but I stopped marketing because it got to be pretty overwhelming, and I could not afford the various fees that went with it. Furthermore, I don't own a credit card, and wouldn't be able to afford to throw money at stuff that was not fully reliable even if I did. Though, I'm still going to try to find ways to promote myself online, without needing products and services that I can't pay for.