I caught a glimpse of this message and thought I'd channel it fully so I could share it with ya all. Loneliness is something I experience a lot; at least once a day in fact. I keep trying to find stuff that will fill the hole I feel within myself though the fillers never stick.

Society, generally speaking, keeps us so busy and distracted by external forces with topics such as climate change, 2012 and our current economical and environmental problems that we don't or at least very rarely look within ourselves. Not to say that these topics are invalid because I do feel a degree of truth in them however we have been led to believe that the external world is more real and reliable than the internal one. We immerse ourselves in the external world and sometimes end up forgetting the connection with our selves, higher selves, Source, Gaia and what have you. That unawareness of our connection leads to feelings of loneliness and separation.

Feelings of loneliness and separation opens the door for fear and other low vibrational emotions. So in order to re-balance our lower and higher vibrational emotions (because it is important to have both types of emotions), every once and awhile we must stop and listen to our inspiration and intuition. When we pause, take in each moment and let our inspiration and intuition guide us we will realize that we are never truly alone.