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Today was a good day! I forgot how good it felt to meditate, get out of my head, and just be. I have been really anxious about trying to get published, moving out and getting my power chair fixed up so I'm able to move. However, when I meditated, all that anxiety and weight fell away. I'm going to try to remember to vacate my head more often.
Anyways, people from Gage came today, and in spite of my electric chair not getting fixed in time for them to see me use it, things worked out for the best. I am going to be getting a new chair even though I'm not really eligible for another one for a year - my OT (occupational therapist), said that there are exceptions like changes to my health which can override the five year rule. (I'm only eligible for a new wheelchair every five years.) A lot of exciting things are in the works for me in regards to moving out! I'll be getting a shower chair as well as a phone that I can actually use by myself. 
The OT and the health educator who came today, reminded me that every step I take counts regardless of its size. I'm still moving forward and towards my goal. Then they said that I've come a long way, and I thought to myself, "yeah, I guess I have."