Hey guys, oh my god, I'm so pumped right now! I just watched the first episode of Jonathan Budd's Unstoppable Reality TV series. If you don't know who this guy is, then click on the hyperlink, and CHECK HIM OUT! He is super inspiring, and just a  really cool/neat person! (I couldn't decide between the two adjectives, so I used both! Haha. :P)

This episode inspired me to create what I'm calling MY GOLDEN INTENTION! My intention is as follows; I choose to meet other creative and conscious individuals within the arts community, who are passionate about helping people out, and who want to be part of a team. I see myself with a life similar to Jonathan's in the near future. I mean that I want to have a life, where I'm successful and financially free, whilst doing what I love. I also want a life where I can collaborate with others, and give back to the world.