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I started writing this blog post yesterday, and I was saying how if I want to trust my intuition and the impressions I get, I have to stop hiding my spiritual side. I tend to shy away from expressing my spirituality because of my fear of being judged and deemed crazy again.

I also started talking about the image of the group of elders that came to me when I was meditating yesterday. The elders told me that I can have everything I long for, and then they said three words; patience, faith and emails. They just spoke those three words, but that was enough, I knew what they meant.
Then, as if in confirmation, I got an email from the OT at Gage. Emails are my primary way of connecting and communicating with the world, and in order to manifest my goals, I need to have patience as well as faith.
About an hour and a half later, I meditated again, and I ended up falling asleep. I was drowned by two guys in the dream I had then. The pool that was to be my watery grave had a crocodile or an alligator in it. The men left me to my dismal fate as the croc came up  to devour me. However, before he did so, he whispered "trust me." Then he took me in his jaws, and threw me out of the water. The reptile was very gentle with me when I was in his  toothie embrace, and when he threw me onto the concrete beside the pool
After watching Veronica's latest video about the paradigm shift, this morning, my dream and vision makes more sense. I just looked up the animal symbolism for the crocodile, and I found out that he represents opportunities to gain new wisdom and create new things.