I have been looking at the previous posts I've written and tagging them so that they are searchable and a little more accessible to you. I am noticing that I really have changed and grown as a person. I used to believe that I had to establish myself as a leading positive force in the world as quickly as I could lest something terrible happened and I would not have the ability to help correct it. I saw the kind of crap that goes on in this world and I really thought that something horrific was going to happen. I schooled myself in topics such as personal development, spirituality, sustainable living and the current issues in this world. My goal was to learn as much as I could with all the speed that I could muster so that I would be prepared for whatever was to come, though I'm not motivated by the sense of urgency anymore.

I have two ideologies that act as my present motivation. I know I can make lasting positive changes to the world, I know that I can manifest my desires. I also know that life can be extremely challenging and the only one that can make your life better is you. You should become your own light when you find yourself in the dark because if you do, you'll make it through. I have been through hell and back and hell may be toasty though it isn't easy, so, I have it on good authority that perseverance pays off.