“Manifestation Power”
It’s time for me to get focused again. I have the control over my life. I am making the conscious decision right now, to release self doubts and bring myself back to a higher vibration.
Yesterday, I did some work on my Maximizing Excellence video, it was frustrating and now I am making the conscious decision to see this project through to the end. A few more things happened yesterday that I would like to mention. My mum and I were discussing my finances. She is really worried about me getting myself a Macbook; she doesn’t think that it’s a good idea. The thing is, I have really wanted a Mac for awhile now and I know that I will have more options for video editing with a Mac. Though yesterday, I began to question if I was making the right decision. So, I am releasing all worries and doubts about my wealth, happiness and success. J
The last thing that I wanted to mention about yesterday is that Norma’s substitute didn’t come at all. I had some reservations about her. So whether I manifested her not coming yesterday or something else happened, I don’t know. Though I do know that everything happens from the highest good!
As I was writing this today, I received an email from the Independent Living Centre and it occurred to me to start manifesting a part time job. Having a job will get me out of the house and making money which is ultimately what I want to do! J