So, this is part two of my previous post, and it isn't what I thought it would be. I thought that the next time I blogged would be to tell y'all the response to the email that I sent this morning, regarding Starkeeper and the local news. However, I'm still anxiously awaiting a reply. I am really antsy and nervous. Doubts and fears about never finding publicity, have been swirling around in my mind all day, and my initial reaction was to flee from these uncomfortable feelings. Though, my attempts at running away from what I was feeling, didn't help anything. It wasn't until I turned on Firework by Katy Perry, and actually felt my emotions that I began to let go and release them. I cried during this experience, I felt that shitty. Now, however, I feel great, - I feel almost lighter in a way.

I realized that in order to move forward and start somethin new, we've gotta go through the uncomfortable things to get to the other side. It's how we grow. I've always known this, but it just never clicked in until now, or rather, I'm now seeing it from another perspective.

Lastly, even if I don't get the publicity opportunity, I know that there will be other opportunities because I'm never going to give up.