A lot has happened since I blogged last. In part I of this blog, "Exploring the World Within" I was a bit stressed. I was very afraid of the future because it seemed like all my career goals were slipping away from me. I thought I "had" to rely on others so I could be successful in life.

However, over the March Break my perception was changed and as a result I started to plant the seeds of my dreams and rooting them into reality. I put together a resume (I didn't have one yet). I also entered a modeling contest, I filled out a modeling application for Gemini Modeling Agency and Los Angeles said they might sponsor me, they'll help "The Life" (the TV pilot I wrote) be produced. Plus I have teamed up with New Thought Media to work at making Humanity. After planting these seeds I went to Cuba with my family.
Cuba was a much needed and appreciated retreat where I was mostly carefree. I just sat by the pool all week soaking up Vitamins D and R. I was having so much fun I loathed to leave Cuba! My family and I were relaxing in Cuba from the 20th of March to the 27th. Cuba's mood is very relaxed and flowing which is the opposite of Canada's general cluttery mood.
Now that I am back in Canada I find myself feeling very agitated again which makes me realize how sensitive I really am to my environments. The witnessing of the transformation of my seeds into beautiful trees is helping to calm me down some though.