Glee Actually still

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A little while ago, I was literally frustrated to tears about the lack of control that I have over my body caused by my Cerebral Palsy. I cried, "fuck this! I hate having a disability," and while I lamented the irrevocable fact of my disability, I set up the latest episode of Glee. It was a bit freaky actually, because "Glee Actually" started off with Artie frustrated about being a paraplegic, and needing a wheelchair. He slipped on a piece of ice, fell out of his chair and had to wait for someone to help him. Finn convinced Artie to go the school nurse. Once there, Artie laid down and dreamt about an alternate reality where he was never in the car accident that paralysed him. However, even though he was completely able-bodied, this alternate reality was rather dim. Anyway, long story short, the whole episode reminded me to accept myself, all of myself. This includes my physical disability and my vulnerability because for better or worse, they are apart of me, and shit happens on occasion. Sometimes, it's inevitable no matter what I do, but I'll deal with it as it comes. Glee also reminded me that no matter how different or alone you feel, you can be true to yourself and still have people support you. So, I'm going to try to follow these reminders and really take them to heart.