Okay, so, this post has been on hold for awhile as I’ve been rather busy with school.
Last week, I came across Nick Vujicic’s music video called “Something More”. The title caught my eye because I’m looking for something more. I find myself wondering if there’s something else; something more than the short-lived, and generally one sided friendships that I’ve been experiencing.
Ugh, is it me? Is it my CP? What gives people the license to mock me and be mean? I wish that the people who do not have a genuine interest in being my friend would be honest. Yes I have a disability, and a speech impairment, and there are things that I simply cannot do. However, why befriend me if you don’t really want to?
God, when will I meet someone like Blaine, (Darren Criss on Glee)? Blaine sees Kurt for who he is. I hope that someday soon, I’ll be friends with people who honestly want to hang out and get to know me.
On a side note, I would love to thank Darren, Chris, and the rest of the Glee cast and for bringing me hope and laughter!