A week ago today, I spoke at Open Space (in Cambridge this time,) and it was quite possibly slightly more awesome than the one in Kitchener. I got to see a few friends who I haven't seen in years, which was really cool! I also got to meet lots of neat individuals. They shared their stories with me, and this, I think, is one of my favourite parts of doing my speeches.

The speech itself went well, I thought. I was a little spazy, which became rather annoying, but hey, that's what I do! My spasms didn't seem to interfere too much though, or at least, people didn't seem to be bothered by them. I took this as a good sign, and I thought that the fact that only one person asked me to repeat myself, was good too. However, my mum said that it wasn't easy to understand me that night, which was honestly a little disheartening.

I asked my mum why only one person stopped me when they couldn't understand me, like I mentioned. "They were afraid to, Andre," she replied. Then I wondered what I should do, so she suggested that I start utilizing synthesized speech via my computer when I share my story at events.

I always shied away from using a synthetic voice because I thought it would mean a failure to communicate on my part. Also, I feared that it would make me seem too different, and scare people away. However, I would definitely use it if it will help me get my point across.

Thoughts? What do y'all think?

P.S. A few weeks ago, I submitted Starkeeper to Book Viral, but nothing came of it. Though, know what? I'm doing okay on my own. 🙂