For six years now I've been enjoying Glee, and oftentimes writing about it, and how it has inspired me. This light-hearted, musically themed show constantly reminded me to always be myself, especially when I'm flying solo because I feel super different. My green skin is just too much for a lot of people to handle, but I digress! Glee has also reminded me to keep on going on the days when I really want to give up, and hibernate for a thousand years.

Hi all, so I had an awesome Wednesday evening! I felt a bit like Cinderfella, but not in a rags-to-riches way, rather someone with worth. Now, hold on, this is not going to be a depressing post  - no, far from it! I just meant that Wednesday's crowd saw passed my disability, which doesn't happen very often. For many of the people I meet, my Cerebral Palsy acts like a barrier that deters them from wanting to get to know me.

After my speech, people started asking me questions, and sharing their stories, and I was like, "YES! This is happening! I'm finally getting to show people that we can do anything, and say, yeah, life can suck sometimes, however, you're not alone. IT CAN get better." Needless to say, but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!

The following is a clip from this awesome experience! I wasn't able to record the whole thing, but I'm hoping to have someone try to get all of Monday's speech. Now, because the video ends mid sentence, I shall finish it after said video.

"Just keep putting yourself out there, and don't give up because you will find people who have similar interests as you, and who will accept you for you."