Hey all,

So, I really enjoy Geek and Sundry's The Pull, and I've wanted to do something similar for awhile, and thus The Skinny was born!

Aaron Lenk - Creator of The Last GiantAs you may know, I went the Toronto Comic Con back in March, where I met a lot of really cool people! Among these, I met some awesomely talented, indie comic artists. This is how I connected with Aaron Lenk, who is the homegrown, Canadian creator of “The Last Giant”, a fantasy, all ages comic.

“The Last Giant” is a simple, funny, yet captivating tale about two would-be heroes that are on a quest to defeat the last a ginormous being who happens to be the last of his kind. Aaron’s unique and interesting art helps pull me into the story and I was transported into the Last Giant’s world just like any other of the books I've enjoyed.

I highly recommend you check it out, as well as Aaron’s other books  at:

Big Simple Comics Website

Big Simple Comics on Twitter

Big Simple Comics on Facebook

Hey guys, yesterday, I discovered that Starkeeper got its first review, (on Amazon and Goodreads) and I was freaking out about it. I started getting anxious because the review was a little negative. It questioned how economically feasible continuing the series is, and that really threw me. However, before I land in some distant metropolis, and call quits on this writing venture, (or in some cases, adventure,) I have decided to turn any negativity into motivation.

I know that utilizing adversity and negative experiences as motivators is very cliche, but I have a choice to make. I can give up, or I can use the comments that I receive to help me improve myself and my story. I choose to do the latter, and knowing me, I will probably have to make this choice many times every day.