Graduated From High School

High School was a really tough time for me both socially and physically. So much so, that I almost didn't graduate. Regardless, I made it through. After I graduated, I wanted to make something of myself and not just sit around in my bed and brood. Thus, I began to take a variety of online courses; none of which worked out. I decided to begin to hone my skill in writing, which is one of my passions.

Started Writing Starkeeper

I started writing my Sci Fi adventure comic series Starkeeper, after seeing The Green Lantern movie. I thought to myself "What if there was a superhero whose power came from within, rather than an external source?" and "What if the superhero had a disability?"

Finished Writing Part One of Starkeeper

I completed writing the script for the first part of my comic series Starkeeper and began to look for an artist to help bring my story to life.

I Decided To Illustrate My Book Myself

I decided not to work with an artist due to financial reasons. My dad said that he would illustrate my book, and although he is reliable and a great artist, I'm unsure that he will be able to spend much time and energy on my novel. So now it falls on me, which I guess was always inevitable. I found out that I could do the art with Inkscape and Gimp, so that is where I started.

Starkeeper Is Published

I met Robin of Wooly's Wagon (who is now deceased) on LinkedIn. We started working together and published my book on Amazon and Kobo.