I haven’t written anything inspirational for a while. 2010 has been very eventful thus far! I have had many intense experiences full of happiness, sorrow, pain and frustration. Though enough about the past and on to the now! A few of my close friends helped me out of my fear and frustration. My friends kept reminding me of what I already know and I am becoming conscious of the reasons why I am not currently achieving my goals and seeing the signs of the life that I was promised. There is really only one reason and that is all of the energy that I was using to try to achieve my goals stemmed from my fears and frustration. Lower vibrational emotions can’t help manifest anything except lower vibrational emotions. So in order to build bridges to my future I am consciously choosing to step away from frustration and fear and build the bridge that will take me to the life that I have always wanted and feared I would never have. I now know without a doubt that I will have the life that was promised to me; everything from my awesome and loving partner to my successful career in the entertainment industry. I know that I will have all my dreams come true! J