Earlier today, I caught up on last week's episode of Our Wish Radio featuring Les Brown. I heard something that struck a cord with me and I thought I would share it. So many times, people think that they have to be rational if they want to achieve their goals. They focus on the small steps and sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture, their end goal. There are a couple of disadvantages with having this focus. Allow me to present an example of what I mean.  
Let's suppose your end goal is to be healthy and fit so you sign up for yoga classes. Your yoga stretches are hard though you continue because you've seen the success stories. After weeks of frustration and no positive results, you give up on yoga then resolve to jog a bit. Jogging loses your interest quickly, prompting you to become discouraged. So, what now? How can you still achieve your goal of being healthy and fit?
Well here's a suggestion; ask yourself why you want to be healthy and fit. Next, you should visualize yourself personifying your reason. It's important to feel good about what you are visualizing because being in positive state of mind will bring about opportunities that work for you and help you towards the achievement of your goal. 
I will leave you now with the following reminders to see the big picture and focus on your end goal. By doing this, you make it easier for yourself to continue on your path towards enthusiastically reaching your goal.