All of us on the spiritual path has been there being awakened at the 3AM hour for no apparent reason. You are usually wide awake and feel like something is calling you, but what is it? Is it the voice of your inner spirit waking you to let you know something? Is it you new time paradigm setting in and resetting your internal clock? Is it the call of your source telling you to come home to the kingdom of peace? The answer to all of these questions is yes but how?

It has come to my attention that there is a vibrational pulse that follows the 3am time line and sweeps across the planet like a wave of light on a consistent basis. The higher you raise your vibration to the 5Th dimension the better you will feel the call of love.
The first time I heard it fully, it was like a bell ringing so loudly that it vibrated my entire being for a few minutes. It is very startling to the ego and your first thought may be fear or confusion, but do not let the ego get you off track to the beauty of this event. You will wake up feeling clear and connected.

It is my understanding that this vibrational event breaks up all the lower vibrations that attach to your being for whatever reason. Its almost like a cleaning system, meant for all those on the spiritual path to the 5Th dimensional consciousness. It is like a little extra help and a true blessing from source. Although like everything else you must invite this into your experience.
In case you haven't grasped that the spirit realm works of frequency and vibration it helps to focus on raising your vibration via your emotions. This is truly what will be your best tool in this human experience called life. Cherish your vibration and strive to do nothing but raise your bar of Joy. This will lead to the full integration of your 5Th dimensional self.

The mystery seems to be getting more mysterious and I am not going to pretend that I know all there is to know about this event. I am only relaying what is my understanding about it. This is far more complex than any of us can fully understand from this perspective. Although it is necessary to raise your vibration to hear this blessing of the bells fully. My advice is to look inside ask your inner spirit for help on this subject and ask to hear this bell more clearly. Then work on being a vibrational match to this 5Th dimension of Love.
Joseph Anthony