He sits in the darkness and walks in shadows;
He is a stranger to even himself.
Memories of better days lay almost forgotten on his shelf.

Memories hang heavy in his mind;
Memories of his violence and gore.
Vivid images that he tries so hard though just can’t ignore.

“What am I fighting for?!” he cries.
“This world is full of pain, corruption and so many lies.”
He gets his answer with one word and it comes in the form of a bird.

The above poem is an expression of my shadow self and a realization I had. Until recently, I was very ashamed of the darker aspect of myself. It made me extremely uncomfortable to even meditate on this aspect. Then I saw something in Avatar, the anime series that I watch that reminded me of a time when my shadow self was more dominant. During the walk down memory lane, I realized something that released my shame. I realized that my shadow self is not evil at all and that there is a balance between the polarities that must be honoured. Life is about realizing and finding that balance.